Book Cover The Trousers of Reality
How to find balance and satisfaction in life, work and play.

Volume One: Working Life.
Why things like Agile, Lean, NLP, Systems Thinking and Theory of Constraints are essential for effective project management

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Barry Evans
June 2009
May 2009

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In today's society almost as soon as a new way of thinking or working emerges it is hijacked by individuals and companies seeking to make a quick buck. In some instances old ideas are re-branded and sold under a new label. In almost all cases the proposed systems concentrate on the implementation of specific “silver bullet” practices, excluding other complementary or necessary parts of the methodology. The original ideology gets devalued, confused or lost.

This book looks at four disciplines in which this has happened – NLP, Agile, Lean and the Theory of Constraints. It takes a philosophical look at their fundamental principles and explains their value.

It is an essential read for managers for whom these principles, when applied properly, are very effective tools.

The author makes the case that in their purest form these principles and disciplines are applicable by anyone in any situation, making this book a useful and thought provoking read for almost everybody.

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